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June 2011
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Salvia sclarea – also known as Clary or Clary Sage

Salvia Sclarea which is also known as Clary or Clary Sage is an herbaceous perennial and a biennial in the genus Salvia. It is a native of the northern Mediterranean, North Africa and Central Asia. This is a herb that is used medicinally and is used for essential oils. This herb can grow up to a height of 1 to 1.3 ft (0.30 to 0.40 m) and its stems are hairy and square in shape. The leaves are longer at the base of about 1 ft (0.30 m) in length and about .5 ft (0.15 m) in length higher. The leaves are also hairy and flower is in verticils with 2-6 flowers. The flowers are held in bracts and are from pale mauve to lilac or white to pink in color with a pink mark on the edge.
The seeds have a coat that is mucilaginous and this plant is referred to as clear eye as it clears the eye of foreign objects. The essential oil is used in perfumes and for flavoring wines and liquors. It is also used in aroma therapy for fear and anxiety and to treat insomnia.
It is used for Weight Loss as it can break down fat, to treat Digestive Problems like indigestion, flatulence and gas, Hormonal Issues as it simulates estrogen and in menstrual symptoms relief and as a Tonic for people in euphoric states. As the Romans used it for eyewash, it is named clary which means clearing.

Growing conditions of Salvia Sclarea:

• After the frost passed, plant the Mexican sage.
• The root ball is large enough, so choose a container to sustain the plant through out the winter.
• The plant can be propagated by taking a cutting.
• It grows well in zones 7 through 11.
• The plant needs full sunlight during the day.
• The plant will grow tall and scrawny in shade as it will try to reach for sunlight.
• Plant at least 2 to 3 feet away apart from other plants.
• A hole can be dug 3 inches deep and fill in the dirt around the plant.
• Water the soil for first month and let it not dry out.
• Water the plant once a week later.
• Prune if the plant is too large.

Care for Salvia Sclarea:

• The temperature should not be very cool as the roots can be damaged.
• The temperature that this plant can tolerate is as low as 25 degrees.
• The plant needs well drained soil and full sunlight.
• Water the plant twice a week or once a week depending on the conditions.
• Add compost to the soil when planting.
• During weather being dry, keep the roots moist.
• Spread mulch around the plant to retain moisture and also to reduce weeds.
• Fertilize the plant with layer of compost around the base of the plant.
• Add all purpose plant food as budding starts.
• Prune in spring to encourage growth.
• If the plant reaches two feet, cut the top third of the stem.

Images of plant ‘Clary Sage’ on Google Search (link)

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