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January 2011
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Blackberry lily – Belamcanda chinensis: “Hello Yellow”, a hardy perennial

Belamcanda plants are hardy perennials that can grow up to a height of 10 inches or 45-90 cm; the plant is a native of China and Japan. It is also known as Blackberry lily or Leopard flower. These plants flower in summer to fall and are brightly colored with freckly bright yellow which are star-shaped. The flowers are two inches across. The foliage is like a dwarf gladiolus and has spikes that are 20 inches long and one inch round and seeds are like black berries. The foliage is sword-like and is three feet tall when mature. The flowers have red spots on six-petaled deep orange tropical flowers. Each stem produces many flowers. The flowers have a noticeable scent.
The flowers last for only one day and then fall as the seed pods develop. They bloom from July to August. The seed pods are green in color split open to expose shiny black seeds. It can grow in zones of 5-9. It needs sun to light shade. It needs moist and well drained soils to grow well. It is good as a border plant, cut flower, in floral arrangements, ornamental grass and for mass planting.
The name is derived from shiny black seed clusters. It is from Iris family. The leaves are fan-shaped and reach 2-3 feet. The seed pods form after flowering is finished. This plant can propagate from seeds and can become invasive if not checked. The leaves are alternate and emerge from the bottom of the flowering stalk. The leaf margins are smooth and their veins are parallel. The central stalk is 2-31/2 feet tall and is fairly stout and glabrous. The stalk bracts are membranous.

Growing Conditions Blackberry Lily (Belamcanda)

• This plant needs moist and well drained soil.
• This plant needs sun to partial shade.
• Sow Belamcanda seeds outdoors during the early spring or autumn.
• Cold stratification of seeds is needed for 4-6 weeks.
• Cover the seeds lightly.
• If planting the root stocks, plant them 5-8 cm deep.
• Sow the seeds about eight weeks before planting outside before the last frost or early autumn.
• Refrigerate the seeds one week before and place in moist soil.
• Maintain the temperature of 19-29 degrees Celsius.
• The soil needs a pH of 5 to 7.
• The planting should be done with a spacing of about 15 to 20cm.

Caring for Blackberry lilies

• Do not over water nor underwater.
• Cut back the plant in autumn.
• Fertilize monthly during the growing season.
• Water sparingly in winter months.

Images of this plant.

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