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December 2010
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Butterfly Bush – Royal Red – Buddleja davidii ‘Royal Red’

The Butterfly Bush ‘Royal Red’, Buddleia ‘Royal Red’ is a large deciduous shrub and a perennial which is also known as Butterfly bush ‘Royal Red’, Buddlija ‘Royal Red’, Buddlea ‘Royal Red’. It can grow up to a height of 4-6 feet and spread upto 4-6 feet. The flowers are in a true red color to purple-red flowers that are borne on beautiful upright growing shrub. The flowers bloom from mid-summer to early fall. The blooms are usually Dark-purple, Red in summer; Red, Dark-purple in autumn. This deciduous shrub has arching branches and the leaves are lance-shaped. It has long panicles of scented purple-red flowers. The Foliage is White, Grey-green in summer.
This plant is a butterfly magnet and attracts humming birds, bees and other beneficial insects because of its nectar and honey-scented attractive flowers. The shrub encourages beneficial wildlife, such as ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies into the garden. The nectar is the sweetest in midday sun.
It is used as a border plant, patio plant and for landscaping. It is usually pest free. Pruning in spring can help to new growth.
This plant needs hardiness zones of 5-9 and H4. It needs full sun to partial shade to grow well. These shrubs prefer Chalky, Clay, Loamy, Sandy soils. The soil must be Moist but well-drained.

Growing conditions for Butterfly bush royal red

• Sow the seeds about three weeks before the last expected frost in the spring.
• Use sand, vermiculite and perlite in equal ratios.
• Pour the above mixture in a pot up to 75%.
• Water the seeds well.
• Keep the soil moist.
• Sow the seeds in this pot and press gently.
• Do not cover the seed as light is required for the seed to germinate.
• Keep the pot in full sun.
• Maintain the temperature to 70 degrees F.
• Daily water the pot.
• It takes about two weeks to germinate.
• Once the seedlings are about 3-4 inches tall, Transplant them.
• Once the threat of frost is over, transplant them.
• These shrubs can also be propagated from Semi-hardwood cuttings.

Care for Butterflybush royal red

• There are Specific pests like Capsid bug, Caterpillars, Glasshouse red spider mite to look for.
• The panicles turn brown so deadhead the panicles as they fade to improve appearance.
• Prune back hard in March, removing all of the previous year’s growth to three or four buds.
• These shrubs prefer Chalky, Clay, Loamy, Sandy soils.
• The soil must be Moist but well-drained.
• Add mulch to ensure draining.
• The Soil pH should be either Acidic or Alkaline or Neutral.
• These shrubs need Partial Shade to Full Sun.
• They grow well in Hardiness zones Hardy (H4).
• The caterpillars may eat foliages.
• The specific pests that attack the plant are Capsid bug, Caterpillars and Glasshouse red spider mite. Apply insecticide as required.
• Cut back the entire bush in early spring to about 1/3 of its original height for better flowering.
• Pinching can also be done for better branching.

Image of the plant.

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