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December 2010
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‘Florist Pink’ Platycodon Grandiflorus, also known as Dwarf Balloon Flower

Platycodon grandiflorus belongs to the family Campanulaceae which is also known as Dwarf Balloon Flower, Common Balloon flower, Japanese bellflower or Chinese Bellflower. Platycodon grandiflorus is a species of perennial flowering plant and belong to Platycodon genus. Platycodon means “a broad bell”. It is native to East Asia such as China, Korea, Japan, and East […]

“Canterbury Bells” medium, also known as “Tower of bells”

Canterbury bells are also known as Campanula medium or bell flower. Campanula means “Tower of bells”. It is an annual or biennial flowering plant. The plant bears bell shaped flowers with a flat base and the Colors come in colors of blue, purple, mauve or white. The bloom is on large spikes. These plants can […]

Bellflower (Campanula): Campanula carpatica ‘Carpathian White’

Carpathian bellflower is an herbaceous perennial. It is also known as Carpathian harebell and Campanula carpatica. This perennial can grow up to a height of 8-18 inches or 30 cm and spread wide over 1-2 inches or 45 cm wide. These species are known to have originated in the Carpathian Mountains (Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Russia). […]

Campanula Glomerata (Superba Clustered Bellflower)

Superba is a strong-growing rhizomatous perennial which can grow up to a height of Height: 0.33 feet to 2 feet. It has medium sized leaves and dark green herbaceous foliage. It produces deep amethyst, dense clusters of flowers that are bell-shaped or funnel-shaped and Violet to Dark-purple in color. They bloom from spring to fall. […]