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November 2010
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“Bright Wings” (Scarlet, Orange & Gold) – Asclepias

Bright wings are a midsummer bloomer and can grow up to a height of 2-3 feet. It is an annual plant which has bright clusters of blossoms in sunset colors like Orange, Gold and Scarlet. It blooms in summer to fall. The flowers are in big clusters, about one inch wide. The flower stalks are […]

Cinderella (Pink)- Asclepias incarnata ‘Cinderella’ – also known as Swamp Milkweed

Cindrella is most commonly known as Swamp Milkweed. The other common names of this plant are Pleurisy-root, Canada-root, Indian posy, orange-root, tuber root, white root, wind root, Mexican Milkweed. The name has been derived from the word “Asclepius”, who is known to be Greek god of medicine and healing. This is an herbaceous perennial plant […]

Ascleplias Blood flower – Asclepias curassavica – a perennial flowering plant

Asclepias curassavica is a perennial flowering plant. It belongs to dogbane family, Apocyaceae. It is a native of American tropics. It is also known as Mexican Butterfly Weed, Blood-flower or Scarlet Milkweed, Silkweed, tropical milkweed, cotton bush, sunset flower, pleurisy root, butterfly weed, ipecacuanha, cancerillo, redhead, koningsbloem, tropical butterfly flower, madhar, algodoncillo.They are sub shrubs […]

Artemesia – Artemesia Absinthum – a perennial plant

Artemesia is a perennial that grows in Southeast. This plant has branched, firm, leafy stems with a woody base. The stem can grow up to a height of 2-21/2 feet high. The leaves are white to silvery on both sides and so is the flowering stem. Because of the leaves being in a silvery color, […]