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October 2010
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Pink Serenade – Camellia sasanqua ‘Pink Serenade’

Pink Serenade Sasanqua is an evergreen shrub and can grow up to a height of 6 feet tall and width of up to 5 feet. It is also commonly known as Camellia, Pink serenade Camellia, Sasanqua Camellia. It provides fall color and enjoys full sun to partial shade. These shrubs are native to China and […]

Forked (A. furcatus) – Aster furcatus – A perennial that can grow upto a height of 24 to 36 inches

Aster furcatus is a Perennial which can grow up to a height of 24 to 36 inches. It is also known as Aster furcatus f. elaciniatus, Aster furcatus f. erythractis, Aster furcatus var. elaciniatus, Eurybia furcata. Commonly it is also known as Heart leaved Aster. It is a woodland plant that is endemic to upper […]

Silky (A. sericeus)- Symphyotrichum sericeum (Vent.) Nesom – a perennial

Aster sericeus that belongs to Asteraceae family is a perennial and is also known as silky aster, Western silver American-aster and Western silver aster. It can grow up to one to two feet in height. It has Blue-violet, solitary flowers with yellow centers that are also found in Pink to Purple colors. The flowers bloom […]

Hairy Golden – Aster – Chrysopsis villosa (means hairy in Latin)

Hairy Golden aster belongs to the Genus- Chrysopsis and Species- Villosa which means hairy in Latin. Chrysopsis mariana is its scientific name. It is a hairy perennial which can grow up to a height of 0.10-0.50m, 24-36 in. (60-90 cm). It has yellow flower heads which are in branched clusters. The flower is about one […]