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August 2010
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Alyssum Summer Peaches (Honey scented) – Lobularia martima

This plant is a hardy annual. It needs exposure to full sun to grow well. This alyssum comes in four colors. This plant attracts butterflies and beneficial insects because of its sweet scent and nectar. It is a low growing plant and is of only about six inches height in a tight mound. It can […]

Alyssum, Sweet Rosie Oday (Lobularia maritima) – An annual

Sweet Rosie Oday is an Annual and grows up to a height of 4 inches. It is a sweetly scented alyssum with delicious fragrance and bears tiny rose-pink flowers to red-pink to rosy lavender flowers. They form mini-rosettes. The leaves are small to medium and in green color. The flower attracts butterflies and other insects […]

Luna plant- Hibiscus Moscheutos Luna Red (Dwarf Hardy Hibiscus)

Luna plant is a Tropical perennial. It grows in full sun and in normal, sandy and clay type of soils with average to moist soils. This plant is a medium-sized bushy mound of dark green leaves. The stems of the plant die completely in winter. In spring, new growth appears slowly. This plant is hardy […]

Purple dwarf – Lobularia maritime – an annual plant

Lobularia maritime is an annual plant which grows up to a height of 2-4 inches. The flowers bloom in Spring/summer/fall and are purple in color. The flowers have florets that are ¼ inches wide and 1-2 inches wide clusters. The flowers have honey – like fragrance and acts as a low border plant. The plants […]