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August 2010
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Alyssum, Sweet Rosie Oday (Lobularia maritima) – An annual

Sweet Rosie Oday is an Annual and grows up to a height of 4 inches. It is a sweetly scented alyssum with delicious fragrance and bears tiny rose-pink flowers to red-pink to rosy lavender flowers. They form mini-rosettes. The leaves are small to medium and in green color. The flower attracts butterflies and other insects with its honey-like smell. The plant blooms in late spring to first frost. It grows well in light shade or sun. The soil pH should be 6 to 7.
To sow outside, the best time to sow the seeds is in April-May and to sow inside, the best time to sow the seeds is in February-March. This plant is perfect in rock gardens, edging or as a border plant, on rock walls or in pots. It is a decorative plant. Such plants look good in hanging casket as they fill out the casket and spill over the rim of the casket making it lively and full to look at.

How to Grow and Take Care of Sweet Alyssum

To Sow Outside:
• Plant the seeds near the last frost date.
• Sow the seeds in April-May.
• Warm and coastal areas are preferable for its growth.

To Sow Inside:
• Sow the seeds in February-March.
• Sow the seeds 4 – 5 weeks before the last average frost date.
• In both the cases, seeds must be pressed on the surface of the soil.
• Sow the seeds with 1 inch spacing.
• It will take around 5-15 days for seedling to emerge.
• Once the seedlings come out, thin them to a space of 4 inches.
• They transplant best when small.

For buying plants

• Always check for green & healthy plants.
• The plants should show no wilting or disease.
• It’s preferable to buy plants with more leaves and no flowers on them.
• Place them in a place with full sun to light shade.
• Plant them in the spring season, two weeks before last frost.
• The spacing between the plants should be 6-8 inches apart.

Care for sweet Rosie

• It prefers full sun to light shade.
• It prefers well drained to moderate moisture based soil.
• Soil should have a PH of 6 to 7.
• Loamy soil is good for the plant.
• Do not overwater.
• Overwatering can wilt the plant and cause disease.
• Plant them in the spring season, two weeks before last frost.
• If one is buying plant, always look for plants with more leaves and no or minimum flowers.
• Trim away the faded flowers for longer blooming.
• Shear back by half to rejuvenate them, if they look rugged.
• An all-purpose fertilizer can be applied once a month.

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