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August 2010
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Luna plant- Hibiscus Moscheutos Luna Red (Dwarf Hardy Hibiscus)

Luna plant is a Tropical perennial. It grows in full sun and in normal, sandy and clay type of soils with average to moist soils. This plant is a medium-sized bushy mound of dark green leaves. The stems of the plant die completely in winter. In spring, new growth appears slowly. This plant is hardy in zones 4 and 5; thick mulch is to be spread for better growth. The plants grow best in temperature above 70 degrees. These plants grow extravagantly and are available in other colors too.
The Luna hibiscuses plant produces huge flowers. The flowers bloom from mid summer to later summer and early fall to mid fall and continue until frost. The flower blooms are of rich solid red in color. The foliage is deep green in color. The plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. The flower head size is very large and is saucer-shaped flowers. The plant grows up to a height of 60-90cm or 23-35 inches. The plant can spread up to 45-60cm or 18-23inches. This plant is used as a decorative plant or border plant or for landscaping. Plant the Luna seeds in summer for best blooms.

Growing conditions for Luna plant

• The area where Luna hibiscus is seeded will need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight a day.
• Once the frost passes, seed the Luna seeds in an area 6 inches deep in the spring.
• Blend compost of 1 to 2 inches with soil and spread it.
• The spacing of the seeds should be 2 feet apart.
• The seed should be covered with ½ inch of soil.
• Once planted them, water the seeds immediately.
• After about 3-4 weeks, the seeds will germinate.
• Until then, keep watering once in a day.
• As the flowers sprout, water frequently.
• If ground is dry, water more frequently.
• Adding peat-based fertilizer is good for growth.
• Fertilizer can be added once in a month.
• Trim the flowers that are wilting to enhance growth.
• The flowers will bloom well in spring.

Care for Luna hibiscus

• The plant grows well with full sun exposure.
• The soil type needs to be from normal, sandy to clay variety.
• It thrives well in neutral, alkaline and acid soil pH.
• The soil needs to be average moist.
• Do not overwater.
• This plant is deer resistant.
• Seed them in spring for better blooms.
• Space the plant 2 feet apart.
• Add fertilizer for healthy flowers to bloom.
• When the foliage turns light green, then also one can add fertilizer.
• Trim the wilted flowers to ground level to enhance growth in spring.

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