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July 2010
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Summer Icicle “Spurge” ( Euphorbia marginata)

The name derives from Euphorbus, a physician to the King of Mauritania. Summer Icicle is a striking annual plant with top branching. It is an ornamental plant and highly versatile and ideal for flower arranging. It becomes variegated soon after planting outdoors.
It is a great garden performer. Summer Icicle is actually a dwarf plant. It can grow upto 45cm ie., 18inches. The leave are pale green and are topped by small florets and they add splendid contrast to summer bedding and container displays and flower borders. “Spurge” ( Euphorbia marginata) grows well in hot and dry soils.
They are native of plains of Texas, Colorado and surrounding regions. The flowers inflorescences and form small white cups called as Cyanthia at the top and center of the plant. Its top branching helps to use as a cut flower. For longer lasting ‘cut flowers’, sear the cut ends over a flame or dip them in boiling water.
They are one of the most interesting and diverse genus, featuring an incredible 2,000 plus widely varying species, including many good garden plants. If sap of the plant is showing, it is important to handle it properly. Plants and seeds are toxic if eaten. The latex is corrosive to the skin and can cause burns or dermatitis.

Growing conditions for Summer Icicle “Spurge”

• Needs full sun to partial sun and well drained soils.
• The perfect time for sowing is late spring to early summer.
• Sow the seeds in place of growth to avoid root disturbance.
• Use deep plugs.
• The seed germinates in two to three weeks at a temperature of 20-26 degrees Celsius (68-78F).
• Keep the soil damp but not wet.
• If sowing is indoors, then it should be on the surface plugs.
• Small pots will need well-drained system and cover the seed with vermiculite.
• Do not exclude light.
• Once the seedling is large enough, transplant into larger pots.
• Accustom the plant for 10-15 days to outdoor environment and plant them outside.
• Plant 30cm apart.

Care for Summer Icicle “Spurge”

• Needs full sun to partial shade
• Soil needs to be well-drained.
• Water the plants well and allow them to dry before watering again.
• These plants do not need fertilizer as they are prone to poor soils.
• They do not need excessive water.
• The growth is lush with excess water but hinders flowers bloom.

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