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July 2010
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Stock: “Dwarf Ten Weeks” (Matthiola incana)

Stock: “Dwarf Ten Weeks” Flower is an annual and an early variety of flower which grow to dwarf compact plant. The Flowers are beautiful and with a heavenly fragrance. They are excellent for edging and have sturdy foliage. The sturdy foliage is greenish-gray in color and has dense spikes that are covered with blossoms in a mixture of colors. It is said to be a cottage gardener’s delight. This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors with a full bloom.
Its sweet spicy fragrance fills yours house or your garden. The flower spikes are1/2 inch to 1 inch cross shaped double flowers. The colors of the flowers are rose, white, pink, cream, red, blue and purple. Plant seeds in the spring after the last average frost date or in the fall for zones 9 or warmer.
Stock: “Dwarf Ten Weeks” Flower bloom in spring, summer and fall. It can be placed indoors as an ornamental plant. It can tolerate light frost. The dwarf compact plant can grow up to height of 12 inches to 18 inches tall. The average count of seeds is about 450 seeds.
Stock: “Dwarf Ten Weeks” Flower can be used as Use as a bedding plant for June and July months. The flowers are in wide color ranges. It is usually available outside as scented mixtures of white, pink, red, light and dark blue.

Growing conditions of Stock: “Dwarf Ten Weeks”
1. Needs light shade or sun exposure.
2. Once the spring starts, sow the seeds outside after average last day of frost.
3. To sow inside, it should be before 8-10 weeks before last frost.
4. Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the pot or ground.
5. Plant in rows 1 foot apart, seed spacing needs to ½ an inch in the row.
6. Cover the seed with 1/8 inch soil, well-pressed.
7. It usually takes five to ten days to emerge.
8. Keep the soil moist until plant grows.
9. Thin or transplant 1 foot apart when Stock flower plants are 2 to 3 inches tall. This is called Thinning.
10. Depending on soil and climatic conditions the seeds germinate in about fourteen days.
11. Minimum germination temperature is 18°C / 64°F and the maximum Germination temperature is 20°C / 68°F.

Care of Stock: “Dwarf Ten Weeks”
1. In hot summers the plant is preferred to be grown indoors right from the time of sowing to avoid blind growth of the plant.
2. Keep the soil moist
3. Needs partial shade of sun.
4. Thinning is essential.
5. Cut flowers or as a greenhouse column stock (taller plant) to flower in mid January-May.
6. They prefer watery soil but not soggy type of soil.

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