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July 2010
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Silver lace vine or Polygonum aubertii (aka Fleece Flower or China Fleece Vine)

Silver lace vine is also called as Fleece Flower or China Fleece Vine.
Silver lace vine is one of the fastest growing vines that thrive from zones 4 to 9 (in terms of climate). The Vine can grow up to 20 feet in one year. Silver lace vine has bright green foliage. It has White, lacy, small and lightly fragrant flowers that bloom from midsummer to fall, somewhere from mid- August onwards. By the Second Season it grows up to as tall as 30 feet. Since it’s a vine it is good on walls and trellis.
It is sometime mistaken for clematis. The vine is an herbaceous perennial. It needs Full sun to partial shade and be grown in pots or on ground with creeps on walls. It can leap tall buildings at a stretch. It can be easily transplanted. Its every little bit of root can form a new plant. It can spread by its underground rhizomes.
It over takes on other vines around, if placed very near and smothers the other vines growth. It can be used in rock gardens. It is used in landscaping. But, they are easily attacked by what are called Japanese beetles.

Growing Conditions for Silver Lace Vine

1. Dry the seeds of silver lace vine on the plant and then collect them or Purchase them.
2. Place the seeds in water for eight hours to loosen the outer hard coating or by placing the knife cut or break the hard coating. Once open place the seeds on wet paper or cloth for them to germinate.
3. Plant the germinated seeds in deep soil and cover it and keep the soil moist until seedlings appear.
4. Mix organic compost for enhancing nutrients in the soil.
5. Let them grow either in pots by providing support or transplant them in full or partial sun and well-drained soil.
6. Provide them support until it could grow on itself on a wall or other permanent support.
7. Once grown every bit of its root can be used for transplanting the silver lace vine.

Care for sunny lace vine

1. Needs full/partial sun
2. Needs very strong support as it is very fast growing vine.
3. Soils need to be dry but has large water requirements in summer.
4. Soils can be moist but prefers well drained and loamy soils of neutral pH (6.8-7.2)
5. Temperatures can be of 90 degrees Fahrenheit during growing season.
6. Do not get the flowers wet.
7. Take care of the vine in the flowering period.
8. Avoid the attack of Japanese Beetles.
9. Remove the bacteria spotted leaves.
10. Grow it away from other vines to avoid smothering of other vines. It can be weedy in nature in such cases.
11. In winters cover the base and top of the vine , if it badly freezing.
12. The dried twigs can be cut off later.

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