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July 2010
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Growing White Roses in your Garden – Tips and care

All flowers are beautiful but none can match the majesty and elegance of roses. Also known as the “ Queen of flowers”, roses come in almost every spectrum of colour. White roses, in particular, are known for their beauty and fragrance. Their brilliant white and rich creamy look can give any garden that gorgeous effect. White roses are cultivated for a variety of different reasons, and like most other roses, they tend to grow well in warm, sunny climates.

Planting a white rose

1. White roses do well in shaded areas with no harsh direct sunlight . So, plant your white rose in a spot where it is a bit shady, but where ample sunlight is still available. Spring is the best season to plant your white rose.
2. After removing all packing material from your newly bought white rose plant, let the roots soak overnight in a bucket of water.
3. Make sure that the hole that u dig is deep and wide enough for the roots to spread out. Keep enough space between each plant, so that they all get enough room to grow. This also lets air circulate freely between them.
4. The soil should be full of nutrients. White roses tend to love compost, a dark soil that is created after the decaying of plant parts and garden wastes like leaves, old fruits, vegetables etc. This soil is nitrogen and nutrients rich, which is perfect for white roses.
5. Place the plant carefully inside the hole and spread the roots out. Once the plant is properly seated add a mixture of water and soil, to allow any trapped air to ecape from the soil. Finish by filling the hole with soil. Make a small mound of soil at the base of the plant and water the plant at the base. Watering the base of a plant lets it absorb more water rather than watering all over it.

Caring for your white rose

1. How frequently you water your plant is as important as watering it. Watering a white rose, with around an inch of water, two times a week is enough, unless u live in a place where the climate is too hot. Never use plant foods not specifically made for roses.
2. Spread out mulch at the base of the plant to keep out weeds and prevent moisture loss. Also apply a good fertilizer mix around the base.
3. Pruning goes a long way in keeping up the health of your white rose plant. Remove any leaves and branches that look diseased or are dead. One way to recognise such branches is to notice their colour. It would be different from the rest of the branches. Another way is to remove a bit of the stem and notice the colour. If it’s not green, then trim it.
4. Remove branches that criss-cross through the middle of the plant, to allow for free circulation of air.
5. Rake up fallen leaves and spray with an appropriate chemical spray to kill insect eggs like copper and lime mixture.
Follow the above the steps to plant white roses in your garden and maintain them for years.

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