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July 2010
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Bunny tail grass, also known as Hare’s tail grass (Lagurus ovatus)

Bunny tail grass, also known as Hare’s tail grass (Lagurus ovatus) is named because of its flowers resemblance to that of a bunny’s tail. Its botanical name is Pennisetum Messiacum. It has soft, silky and fluffy flowers and is valuable for fresh and dried arrangements. It is an annual ornamental plan of growth up to 12 to 20 inches high and a foot wide and flowers usually from July-September. Their heads are the source of food and attraction for birds. They can be used for erosion control.

Growing conditions for Bunny Tail grass

• They grow well in full sun from seed. The seeds can be collected by drying seed heads.
• Does not grow well in soils with moisture.
• Have Average Water needs.
• Self-sows freely. It has to be sown outside before 3 weeks of last frost and inside before 6-8 weeks of last frost.
• It can grow in rocky soil when provided with good water drainage.
• It grows well in soils with good air circulation, which can be done by tilting upper layer of the soil.
• Soil pH requirements: 6.6 to 7.5 (neutral)

Care for Bunny Tail grass

• Good amount of sunlight
• Adequate water to grow up and out.
• Caring from any spots or damage
• Protection from bugs and chemical issues.
• Tilting the upper layer of the ground for air circulation.
• Do not over-water.

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