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July 2010
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Geum: characteristics, growing and planting conditions, uses and care.

Geum, the Avens, is a genus of about 50 species of perennial herbaceous plants in the rose family Rosaceae, native to Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and New Zealand.
– Geums are spring and summer blooming perennials that grow with a base of leaves – sometimes a little hairy – and tall, thin flower stems up to 18 inches.
– Geums are deer-resistant and basically pest-free.
– Geum flowers are held above the evergreen foliage on wiry stems, giving them a light, airy feeling.
– Geum is commonly known as Mountain Avens, Wood Avens, White, yellow and purple Avens, and Alpine Avens.

Growing and Planting Conditions

– Soil : Well-drained, organic rich soil.
– Light : Full sun to light shade.
– Watering: Keep well watered whilst actively growing.
– Plant with the crown at the soil surface & 60cm apart.
– Sow outdoors at either the start of spring or autumn; lightly cover the Geum seeds once sown.
– If first growing indoors then sow Geum seeds about 10 weeks in advance. It should take three to four weeks for Avens to germinate.
– Most Geums are easily divided because they are clump-forming and generally quick growing.
– Frost tolerances: Hardy.
– Flowering time: Late Winter to early Summer.
– Ideal climates: Cool to temperate.
– The bloom period can be prolonged somewhat by deadheading.


– Most Geum are grown as a front of the border plant, where their low foliage and bright flowers on wiry stems make a cheerful edging to flower beds.
– Geum triflorum is sometimes naturalized as a ground cover.

Caring for Geum

– Remove dead flowers to prolong blooming and to keep them tidy.
– Divide them to maintain vigour once they look mature.

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