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July 2010
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Euphorbia myrsinites (Myrtle Spurge)

Euphorbia myrsinites is also known as Creeping Spurge or “donkey tail”. It belongs to Dicot group and is an herbaceous biennial and a perennial plant. It spreads to a height of up to 15cm and spreads up to 30cm. The best time to plant seeds is March to May. Its sprawling stems can grow up […]

Summer Icicle “Spurge” ( Euphorbia marginata)

The name derives from Euphorbus, a physician to the King of Mauritania. Summer Icicle is a striking annual plant with top branching. It is an ornamental plant and highly versatile and ideal for flower arranging. It becomes variegated soon after planting outdoors. It is a great garden performer. Summer Icicle is actually a dwarf plant. […]

Stock Night Scented Starlight Scentsation

Stock Night Scented Starlight Scentsation (Matthiola longipetala ssp. bicornis) It belongs to Genus: Matthiola. Stock night scented starlight scentsation are hardy annual and are in mixed colors.The leaves are grey-green and linear in shape. They are heavily scented or perfumed and are in blend of wonderful pastel shades. Just as ordinary ones, they are easy […]

Stock: “Dwarf Ten Weeks” (Matthiola incana)

Stock: “Dwarf Ten Weeks” Flower is an annual and an early variety of flower which grow to dwarf compact plant. The Flowers are beautiful and with a heavenly fragrance. They are excellent for edging and have sturdy foliage. The sturdy foliage is greenish-gray in color and has dense spikes that are covered with blossoms in […]