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June 2010
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Kitchen Garden – Damage ants can do, and steps to remove ants from your garden – tips and techniques

A lot of people will argue that ants really don’t do any direct damage to plants, and they would be right; but, when you consider the overall structure that ants build up in a garden, they can really cause damage in an indirect way. Ants build nests, and these nests cause damage to anything in […]

How to Grow a Lemon Plant in a Home Garden – Tips and techniques for best growing and for more fruits

Description of a Lemon Plant

The lemon; a member of the citrus family is well-known for it’s sour taste and antiseptic properties. This yellow fruit is used to prepare nutritional drinks; for garnishing; marinating meat; in fruit pulps; in aromatherapy; as a deodorizer and has innumerable other cooling, inflammatory and diuretic uses. The advantages of […]

Colorful, Fragrant Lilacs: characteristics, growing conditions and care that should be taken.

Lilacs are among the most popular garden plants—and for good reasons. Besides being easy to grow, the variety of plant sizes, flower colors, and bloom times creates a colorful and fragrant display over many weeks in the spring. Once they are established lilac plants can grow for hundreds of years.

Characteristics of Lilacs

– Lilacs […]

Datura: characteristics, growing and planting conditions.

The Datura (Brugmansia) is a beautiful tropical plant, with a big advantage. The plant can easily re-seed and lead to more growth in your gardens. The Datura is a perennial plant in many areas; with being perennial through the plant dying back to the ground. You can then protect it from the cold of the […]