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June 2010
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How to grow: Big Rainbow Tomato – a large tomato with a mild, sweet flavor

One of the large fruited beefsteak type yellow tomatoes with red swirls, having a mild, sweet flavor, lumpy spots, uneven surface and shape — well, it’s for sure that you have spotted the Big Rainbow Tomato. If you have a detailed look, you will find its skin with very smooth but firm texture and a blotchy mix of orange, yellow and red, the same as the inside, the bottom looks like it was on the slave end of a dominatrix’s paddle, with this bright red spot glowing around where the blossom once grew. In general, it’s an attractive fleshy tomato. If you cut it, there are few seeds inside. You will find it juicy where there are seeds. However, if you slice from side to side, you will run across slices that have no seeds and not so juicy either. According to some, the first bite may not be so impressive as if it is having no taste. But wait a minute, go on with the slices and soon, I bet, a flavor will develop gradually.
After organoleptic taste, somebody has rightly pointed out–you have to wait for the flavor to develop, like the way a hot pepper’s warmth develops within you as you go on eating. If you are an avid fan of peaches and really want to relish peaches during lean period, add a pinch of salt to turn its sweetness as that of a sweet peach. The flavor is charming—it’s more like a mocktail made of weak peach juice with weak tomato juice without any tanginess. And you will relish the prolonged aftertaste of peaches in your mouth.
Scientifically it is Lycopersicon esculentum, an indeterminate type (vines that continue growing in length throughout the growing season) with 80-85 days duration. Recommended spacing is 90-120 cm and give this variety room to grow and sunniest spot in the garden and staking is recommended because it is very large size tomato (it requires full sun). If you want to grow in pot, then go for large pots (>10 liter capacity). During flowering and fruit fruiting, it should get a well drained soil. If the soils are acidic, you have to spray boric acid solution (1 g/liter of water) to avoid fruit drop. All these are worth for a good harvest of mature fruits of Big Rainbow tomatoes; these are marbled reddish orange and are a superb salsa tomato which is good for making sandwiches as well.
However, parts of the plant can be poisonous if they are ingested.
Further, if you want to grow the plant from seed, you need to clean the seeds, dry them, allow them to ferment before storing them.

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