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June 2010
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Growing Bold and Brilliant Gazania: planting conditions and care that should be taken.

A Gazania is an exotic type of flower grown in South Africa. It is a South African perennial that looks similar to a daisy, but in bold, brilliant yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, cream and even a beautiful mauve and a burgundy color.
Gazanias are easy-to-grow, perfectly suited for household gardening. Most gazanias grow about 15 inches tall. Their foliage is very compact. Gazanias are used for creating landscaped garden borders and as bedding plants.

Planting Gazania

– Plant Gazania in well drained soil.
– Plant Gazania in full sun.
– Add light organic fertilizer in planting hole.
– Place the plants no deeper than they were growing in the containers.
– The distance between plants should be 6 to 9 inches.
– Mulch around but not on top of the plants with 3 inches of organic compost.
– Water well.
– The seeds should be sowed outdoors after final frost or plant them indoors four to six weeks earlier.
– The germination of seeds takes place in 15 to 20 days at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
– Gazania grows well in rock gardens or in hot, dry areas.
– Prune-off the spent flowers, once the flowering season is over.
– These can be used for composting.
– Growth can be stimulated by deadheading weathered flowers.
– Use bypass pruners for pruning thick clusters of seasonal foliage and old stems.

Caring for Gazania

– Remove old foliage in spring using bypass pruners to cut off the old stems.
– Apply a light application of organic fertilizer on top of the soil; follow package directions.
– Mulch around but not on top of the plants with 3 inches of organic compost in spring.
– Water well weekly until soil is completely moist in summers with no rainfall.

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