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June 2010
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COSMOS Bright Lights Mixture: characteristics, growing and sowing conditions

Bright Lights has very vibrant, bright, bold colors compared to other cosmos. Two and a half inch flowers on three-foot plants – a semi-dwarf cosmos. Butterflies LOVE yellow-flowered cosmos – another advantage of Bright Lights! And remember, neglect is the kind of care Cosmos prefers! Excellent cut flower. Once established, Cosmos are drought tolerant making it a great flower for wildflower or naturalized areas.
Cosmos seed is one of the easiest of all the flower seeds in the world to grow. Cosmos seed looks like miniature pine needles, which makes seeding simple. After Cosmos flower seeds have sprouted, you’ll notice fast-growing fern-leaved plants shooting up, usually taller than other seedlings around them.


– A showy graceful annual with large bright flowers with 2-3 inch blooms in a vibrant co
lor mixture of red, orange and yellow shades.
– Lacy foliage and silky flowers give an airy touch to the garden from midsummer to frost.
– Foliage is finely cut but not as lacy as Cosmos Sensation nor does it grow as tall.
– Blooms all summer until frost.
– Very effective when grown in masses as a background planting and informal flower gardens. Makes excellent cut flowers.
– Tolerates poor soil, heat and humidity.
– Easy to grow.
– Attracts Butterflies.
– 30-36 inches high.
– Proven tops for performance and adaptability.
– Days To Germination: 5-10.
– Planting Depth: 1/4 inch.
– Spacing, Plant: 12 inches.
– Plant Height: 30-36 inches.
– Light: Full Sun.
– Fairly drought resistant, water only when soil is dry for an extended period.
– Cut newly opened blooms and place immediately in cool water for longer lasting cut flowers.
Sowing Conditions
– Sow seeds directly outdoors after danger of frost has passed through early summer.
– It can also be sown early indoors in individual peat pots or containers. – Cover seed with 1/4 inch fine soil. Keep soil moderately moist during germination.

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