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June 2010
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Dame’s Rocket: characteristics, growing and planting conditions and care that should be taken

Dame’s rocket is a garden plant that was introduced from Europe in colonial times. Dame’s Rocket is a delightful upright biennial. Dame’s Rocket is an easy to grow biennial or short-lived perennial which naturalizes freely and in some areas is considered a noxious weed. It has clusters of white, pink or purple flowers that bloom […]

Chelone lyonii ‘Hot Lips’: characteristics, growing conditions and care that should be taken.

These species have deep green foliage and bright, deep pink flowers. This flower is 2 to 3 ft tall. They are clusters of turtle head shaped flowers. Red stems that persist most of the season. Bronze green early season growth is another distinctive feature. These are most effective when planted in gropings. It spreads in […]

Kitchen Garden – Damage aphids can do, and steps to remove aphids from your garden – tips and techniques

One of the most common pests in a kitchen garden are called Aphids, these are very small creatures (insects) with a pear shape and soft in texture. Aphids have a long antenna, with 2 short tubes projecting from the ends of their abdomen. There are different varieties of Aphids, some having wings that are transparent. […]

Chrysanthemums: charcteristics, growing conditions, care and uses of the plant.

– Chrysanthemums are just about the easiest of all of the perennials to grow. – Chrysanthemums belong to the Asteraceae (Compositae) family. – Chrysanthemums are well suited for container gardening in patios. – Chrysanthemum flavored tea is very popular and is used as a relaxant. – The Chrysanthemum flower symbolizes fidelity, optimism, joy and long […]