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May 2010
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Carnation Chabaud Mixed Colors: characteristics, growing and planting conditions,uses

Biological Name : Dianthus caryophyllus
The beauty and fragrance of carnations can be in your garden! Combined with elegant, long, skinny , bluish foliage, the wide range of flower colors will add a palette of colors to your garden. Plants produce best color during the second year. Excellent for cutting and drying. One flower per stem.
– Flower Type: Perennial
– Bloom Time: Summer
– Height: 18″
– Width: 18″
– Exposure: Full Sun
– When to Sow Outside: Plant around the average last day of frost in your area.
– When to Sow Inside: 8 – 10 weeks before last spring frost.
– Seed Depth: Surface.
– Seed Spacing: 1″.
– Days to Emerge: 14 to 21.
– Thinning: When 1″ tall thin to 12″ apart.

Growing Conditions

– The Chabaud Carnation prefers full sun, but in hot summer climates plant in partial shade.
– The soil should be fertile and well drained.
– Pinch off faded blooms to encourage additional blooms.
– Plant after the last day of spring frost.
– Chabaud Carnations make excellent dried flowers.
– Water them well when planting, but otherwise they seem to do well in even the driest of conditions. Remember to water them occasionally though.
– Cut flower heads off when they die and the plant should produce more and more blooms.

Sow Indoors or Direct Sow

– Indoors-8-10 weeks before average last day of frost.
– Seed requires light to germinate – press lightly into soil surface and do not cover, keep moist.
– Until the first true leaves appear, try not to water directly from overhead.
– Transplant outdoors after any danger of frost is past, or sow directly outside 2 weeks before last frost, For a showy planting, do groups of 3-4 seedlings.
– Outdoor Sowing: Sow the Carnation seeds early in the spring.
– Do make sure that the soil is not too wet.
– Space seedlings about12″ apart.


The fragrance and the range of colour is very good. Double beautifully scented, fringed flowers. Perennial. Grow this carnation in borders, planters and rock gardens. Double, fringed flowers are spicily fragrant – unsurpassed as cut flowers. Grown as an annual where winters are cold.

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