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May 2010
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Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Rose Bonbon:characteristics, growing and sowing conditions.

Well, here’s the most exciting Cosmos to come along in many a year — a lively, very large-flowered, long-blooming DOUBLE rosy-lavender! We don’t know about double-clicking, but you’ll certainly do a double take when these blooms begin opening above the airy, fern-like foliage on tall, well-branched plants! ‘Double Click Rose Bonbon’ is the first separate color available from the popular mix, and you’re going to love its bold presence in bed and container!
This is the first straight colored, high-quality, fully-double Cosmos from seed to be introduced! The spectacular, rose pom-pom flowers sit proudly on top of strong stems, making Double Click Rose Bonbon a ‘must’ for adding height to summer borders and an imposing and rarely-seen cut flower. Height: 60-90cm (2-3 feet).

With frazzled petals in many layers, these flowers are crying out for use in vases — they have all the charm of daisies with a more interesting form! And they appear so profusely that you’ll still have plenty of color in the garden after you’ve picked your fill for indoor use. Besides, Cosmos is a cut-and-come-again bloomer, meaning that the sooner you cut the blooms, the quicker new buds will pop up to replace them!

Sowing Instructions
Sow seed on the surface of a good, free- draining, damp, seed compost. Cover with a very fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a polythene bag and place at a temperature of 20-25C (68-77F) until after germination which usually takes 7-14 days. Do not exclude light as this helps germination.

Growing Instructions
Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into trays or 7.5cm (3in) pots. Gradually acclimatise plants to cooler conditions for a few weeks before planting out after all risk of frost, 30-45cm (12-18in) apart.

Prefers a sunny position in light, well-drained soil.


Half-hardy Annual
Flowers in : June to October
Germination : Easy
Aftercare : Easy
Ideal for : Borders, Cut Flowers
Height : 36 inches

1 comment to Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Rose Bonbon:characteristics, growing and sowing conditions.

  • P. Rivalin

    Can the 4 ft. tall Cosmos be grown in containers and if so will they need to be staked?
    Thank you

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