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May 2010
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Firecracker Vine: characteristics, growing and planting conditions, uses.

This unusual annual vine is the perfect choice for adding some vertical interest to the garden. Its racemes of vivid blossoms are a hummingbird favorite, with their red tooth-like flowers that fade to orange and then yellow and white. Firecracker vine can bloom year round in warm climates, but generally blooms from summer to fall. It is a native of Mexico and Central and South America.


– Height : 6 ft. to 10 ft.
– Growth Habit : Runs.
– Light : Full Sun Only.
– Moisture : Medium Moisture.
– Maintenance : Low.
– Characteristics : It attracts Hummingbirds; Showy Flowers.
– Bloom Time : Early Fall; Early Summer; Late Summer; Summer.
– Flower Color : Orange/ Salmon Flower; Red Flower; Yellow Flower
Uses Beds and Borders, Trellis.
– Seasonal Interest : Summer Interest.
– Type : Annuals,Vines.

Noteworthy characteristics: Long stems of multi-colored flowers that attract hummingbirds.
Care: Provide full sun and well-drained soil in a sheltered location.
Propagation: Sow seed at 64°F in spring.
Problems: Wilt, charcoal rot, thread blight, white blister, rust, fungal leaf spots, and stem rot may affect plants.

Planting out

– Give your vine something to climb on. This can be anything from a trellis or fence to an arbor.
– Firecracker Vine appreciates some mid-day shade in hot areas.
– If the leaves wilt excessively, give it some more shade.
– The vine can flower with just a couple hours of sun per day, as long as it’s in bright shade the rest of the day.
– Avoid planting too close to lights that are on all night, as this may prevent flowering.
– Firecracker vine likes well-draining soil that’s high in organic matter.
– Many soils benefit from mixing in extra compost to the soil before planting.
– The more compost you add, however, the more perlite or sand you should add, for drainage.

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