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May 2010
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Hosta Venus: characteristics, growing and planting conditions, maintenance and uses.

Hostas are good garden plants, thriving in all soils from pure clay to boggy ground and they usually get bigger every year. They don’t seem to suffer from any significant diseases but their enemy at times are slugs and snails. The cultivar, ‘Blaue Venus’ has small to medium thick, oval blue green leaves. Pale lavender […]

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears: characteristics, attributes, growing and planting conditions and maintenance.

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears is a beautiful perennial with a very tight mini-mound of dense heart shaped, mouse-like blue-green leaves, bearing lavendar flowers on very short stems in Summer. Hostas are a gardener’s favorite perennial, their clean lines, sumptuous leaves and elegant flowers make striking specimen plantings. Members of the lily family, they are hardy, […]

Cleome, Spider Flower: characteristics, growing and planting conditions,uses and maintenance.

Cleome, also known as Spider Flower, has an unusual property, its exceedingly long seedpods. It is an annual plant. The plant is known as Spider Flower, since the seedpods develop below the flowers as the bloom progresses upward on the stalk; this gives the plants a spidery look, further increasing this look when combined with […]

Carnation Chabaud Mixed Colors: characteristics, growing and planting conditions,uses

Biological Name : Dianthus caryophyllus The beauty and fragrance of carnations can be in your garden! Combined with elegant, long, skinny , bluish foliage, the wide range of flower colors will add a palette of colors to your garden. Plants produce best color during the second year. Excellent for cutting and drying. One flower per […]