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April 2010
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Clarkia or Godetia : how to grow, soil conditions and what care should be taken

Godetia also goes by the names Farewell-To-Spring and Clarkia. Clarkia produce cup-shaped blossoms in clusters at the tips of strong stems. Flowers are white, pink, red, or lilac with contrasting colors in most. There are also double varieties. Foliage is gray-green.

Characteristics of Clarkia

– Clarkia are bushy hardy annuals of 30cm to 1.2M in height. They flower from summer until the beginning of autumn.
– They have rosette flowers of pink or white.
– Clarkia, also known as farewell-to-spring, is a pretty heirloom flower that is easily grown in flower beds or containers.
– Clarkias are excellent for the annual border and for hanging baskets.

Growing Conditions for Clarkia

– Sow seeds of Clarkia outdoors.
– They should be sown into a partly shaded or sunny part of the garden on the soil.
– Sowing of farewell to spring and other Clarkia genus plants should start after the last frost of spring and continue every two weeks; this will allow for a prolonged flowering season.
– The ideal soil for growing Clarkia should be moist and cool, with a pH of 6 to 7.
– It needs light to germinate so scatter the seeds, then cover very lightly.
– Clarkia has a thinner stem, so taller varieties will need to be staked.
– Start sowing about 2 weeks before the last frost.
– Propagate by seed. Because they do not transplant well, sow seeds directly in the soil outdoors. Barely cover; they need light to germinate.

Caring for Clarkia in the garden

– Clarkia should be watered regularly so as to keep the soil moist.
– They may require fertilizer in the spring, this should be low in nitrogen as Clarkia prefers low nitrogen soils.

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