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April 2010
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Anaphalis – Pearly Everlasting, how to grow and what are the uses of this plant.

Anaphalis are small to medium in size that can grow stems from 20 to 90cm in height. Pearly everlasting has clusters of white flowers. They make ideal plants for growing in borders or beds.

Characteristics of Anaphalis : Pearly everlasting

– A popular wildflower for use in fresh or dried flower arrangements, Pearly Everlasting is grown not only for its pearly white blossoms, but also for its woolly white and silvery foliage.
– It is used in folk medicine as a salve for burns.
– Pearly Everlastings are also and outstanding food source for the Painted Lady Butterfly.
– It is hardy to zone 3 and is not frost tender.
– It is in flower in August, and the seeds ripen in September. The flowers are dioecious.
– The native range of this plant is vast: NE Asia, Alaska, Canada and the northern U.S. Moreover, it is naturalized in Europe and elsewhere as well.
– Height: 18” to 24”.
– Spacing: 18” to 24”.

Growing conditions for Pearly everlasting

– It is best to sow Anaphalis on the soil surface then to cover with a light dusting of soil, with a spacing of 20 to 30 cm in the early spring, before the last frost.
– Pearly everlasting prefers either partly shady conditions or full sunlight, and are tolerant of dry weather.
– The soil should be well-drained.
– Anaphalis requires between 10 and 70 days to germinate, if starting indoors it is best to germinate seeds at 13 to 18 degrees centigrade.
– They should be grown 7 weeks prior to putting outside in the late spring after the last frost.


– The gray leaf color adds a welcome change from the greens found in the typical summer garden.
– In late summer, the plants begin to bloom and bear many clusters of small, white blossoms with petals — really bracts — that feel and look like shiny paper.
– They are easy to dry for winter bouquets. After autumn winds blow away the seeds, only the attractive outer bracts are left.

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