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April 2010
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Bunny Tail Grass – how to grow, soil conditions and what care should be taken

BUNNY TAIL GRASS ( Lagurus ovatus ) a.k.a. Hare’s Tail Grass is a mound-forming Annual type of ornamental grass. Bunny tails have multiple names that they go by. This type of ground cover is known as bunny tails, red bunny tails, or as fountain grass. The actual botanical name of the plant is Pennisetum Messiacum.

Characteristics of Bunny Tail Grass

– Plants produce attractive creamy puff like heads that look astonishingly like little bunny tails hence the name.
– Blooms all summer well into fall.
– Typically grown as an Annual ornamental grass.
– Hair’s Tail can be cultivated to grow as a Perennial in mild climates.
– This grass forms low growing (under 24-inch) , rounded clumps.
– It self seeds but is not invasive.
– The flowers produced July through September are remarkably like the white tails of little rabbits.
– This is a hardy annual so sow outdoors about 3 weeks before last average frost date or in late summer. Indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost.
– It is used as an ornamental grass in gardens and containers.
– Annual in Zones 3-6, Perennial in Zones 7-10.
– It is named so because its flower heads resemble that of a bunny’s tail.

Planting Bunny Tail Grass

– Plants grow fast from seed and do well in full sun.
– It prefers average to rich pre-loosened soil.
– It can be grown in rocky soil with good water drainage if first soil is tilled slightly to allow air to circulate to the roots. It does not do well in moist soggy soils prefers sandy loam.
– When to Sow Outside: 3 weeks before average last frost.
– When to Sow Inside: 6 to 8 weeks before last frost.


Caring for the red bunny tail plant is fairly simple. The plant is an annual, meaning that it will continue to grow year after year. To care for it, you simply must make sure that it gets enough sunlight. The plant needs to be able to have full sun rays to ground cover properly. Watering is key, as the plant needs adequate water to grow both up, but out as well. Other than the usual sun and water, these plants must be taken care of diligently to combat any spots or damage. Just like other plants, bugs and chemical issues can damage or ruin the plant.

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  • Neil

    I stumbled across this site while looking for advice on bunnytails grass and have found an amazing amount of ideas and advice i can use and learn from so just want to say thankyou for taking the trouble to make this site. thanks .

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