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March 2010
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Brunnera ‘Hadspen Cream’- how to grow and what are the necessary conditions needed for its growth.

Brunnera macrophylla, of the borage family (Boraginaceae), is a rhizomatous perennial that colonizes slowly underground to form mounds of rough-textured yet neat cordate (heart-shaped), dark green leaves.

Light green leaves are swirled with irregular creamy-white margins as they emerge and expand in early spring. The color intensifies to vibrant yellow-chartreuse as temperatures rise in May and early June but tends to fade during hot, humid summers. You may occasionally observe some of the leaves reverting to solid green over the course of the growing season; these should be cut out and removed from the crown of the plant.

Characteristics of Brunnera – Hadspen Cream

– Very nice perennial with light green leaves sporting wide irregular creamy yellow margins.
– Size: 15″ high x 2′ wide; hardy to zone 4.
– Stunning when planted in large groups of 7 or more.
– Flower : Blue in Spring.
– Foliage : Light green, Spotted, Variegated, Green, Cream in Summer.
– Time to maturity: 2-5yrs.

Planting Conditions for Hadspen Cream

– Plant in parial shade to full sun.
– Plant in a soil that has been amended with organic materials such as compost, peat and manure.
– Soil drainage : Moist but well-drained.
– Soil pH : Acid, Alkaline, Neutral.
– Feed in early spring with a top dressing of composted manure and bone meal.
– Liquid feed twice during the growing season with fish emulsion.
– This particualr variety seems to tolerate dry soils better than any other Brunnera that we grow.
– Pruning : Cut stems and leaves down to the ground in autumn when they turn brown.
– Propagation : Divide and replant the roots of crowded clumps in autumn or early spring. (we can remind you if you like). Or grow from root cuttings in a coldframe and plant the rooted cuttings in a nursery bed the early summer and replant the hardier plants later.

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