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March 2010
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How to use old tires as a type of container and grow plants in these tires

Time for something interesting, and hopefully new for a number of people. Not everybody has a large section of land to setup a kitchen garden, but that should not stop you from still wanting to grow some of your own plants. Till now, you must be thinking, this is okay, “I can use a variety of containers to grow plants in”; the difference is that instead of you hunting for some large containers or other pots, you can a fairly easily available container. A tire is a relatively inexpensive (although some initial effort will be required) way to grow a plant in, and there are multiple ways in which you can grow your plants in these tyres.
And if you care about the environment, consider the benefits of using tires:
– Tires are something that every vehicle discards on a regular basis, and they do nothing but fill up landfills. You are doing the environment and your society a great favor by not going in for plastic containers, and instead using some of these old tires to make containers
– Tires last for a long time, and can be handled easily upto getting them into your kitchen garden
– Tires are very easily accessible (you can pick up your old discarded tires) or go to a repair shop and ask for old tires; they will be happy to let you take some
– There are many advantages to using raised bed planting methods, and you can easily set up tire gardening to simulate the raised bed situation
– For planting crops that grow underground such potato, you can stack old tires one over the other as a potato plant grows, so that you give more soil to grow more potatoes, and can eventually grow a sizable number of potatoes from your tire garden (refer to this link for how to actually cut the tires for a potato garden)
– Because tires are black (face it, you would never have seen a tire of another color) and are made of excellent rubber, they serve to maintain the soil at a near constant temperature
– Tires help in saving water by ensuring that they retain water moisture in the soil, thus requiring less amount of watering

How do you use these tires ?
– Depending on the use, you can either use one tire, or create a vertical stack of tires (if you are planting potatoes, you will be creating a vertical stock to give more soil for more potatoes; if you are planing herbs, you can use just one tire). You can either cut the rims out from the sidewheel to give you the other rubber strip if you are going to be planting a vertical line of tire containers, or you can just cut out the sidewheel from one side to get the required rim + lower sidewheel if you are going to be having a single tire container (be careful when doing this cutting)
– Cover the lower open section of the tire with newspapers and / or cardboard to prevent weeds from entering the mixture
– Get some good soil from your local garden or dealer and mix with some compost. Add the seeds you want to add to this mixture / or plant the herbs
– Watch out for the required watering, although this requires less watering than normal
– You get a great addition to your garden

You can grow herbs, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and many other items in these containers made of tires.

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