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March 2010
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Dead Nettle (Lamium), how to grow and what are the different conditions needed.

Lamium is a short, rapid growing plant in the mint family. Also referred to as spotted deadnettle, lamium will grow in shady locations that do not commonly support other plant life. Members of the Lamium that are grown in the garden are usually done so for their beautiful foliage. The Lamium genus are hardy perennials and contains many members most of which are weeds.

Characteristics of Dead Nettle (Lamium)

– Nettle is a well behaved ground cover and is not considered a serious garden thug.
– It is easily edged in the spring and is not likely to become a weed.
– Dead nettles are ground cover perennials with leaves that are marked in silver. The flowers – yellow or pink – appear next to the leaves.
– It flowers in late spring or early summer.
– This is one hardy plant, surviving nicely down into USDA zone 2.
– Dead Nettles are deer resistant. A good plant to use for naturalizing, massing or as a ground cover.

Planting Conditions for Dead Nettle (Lamium)

– Very hot conditions can lighten up the colouring so this plant is best considered a part-shade or shade groundcover in a decent soil.
– Try planting under shrubs to brighten up unused garden spaces.
– Place the plants no deeper than they were growing in the containers.
– Set the plants 9 to 12 inches apart.
– Water well until soil is completely moist.
– Control the spread in the spring with a sharp shovel to edge it.
– Easily propagated by division in the spring or by tip cuttings.

Caring for Dead Nettle

– They should be fertilized in the spring.
– Once the flowering season is over they should be cut back.
– Shear this plant after the first bloom to promote compact growth.
– Apply a light application of organic fertilizer on top of the soil in early spring.
– Water well.

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