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March 2010
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Sedum-Black Jack, how to grow and what are the planting conditions.

Sedum, also known as stonecrop, is a popular, well-known perennial garden plant. The succulent leaves, sturdy stems and massive flower heads have earned the plant a spot on many landscapers’ “must have” lists. Besides their physical attributes, sedums are drought tolerant and can withstand many adverse growing conditions, which also makes them ideal landscape perennials. Sedum ‘Black Jack’ is sure to match the tough and easy-to-grow reputation of most sedum cultivars and offers characteristics unparalleled by other sedums.

Characteristics of Sedum : Black Jack

– The Sedum ‘Black Jack’, ‘Sedum ‘Black Jack’ PPAF, is a recent discovery at Walters Garden in Michigan.
– The stems and foliage are darker than most sedum in its family. It has 2′ tall clumps of purple stems with black to purple foliage.
– With a plant height and width of 24″, its 8″ pink flower heads bloom in September, making a wonderful contrast with its foliage.
– It makes a wonderful border plant.
– Many are attractive even in winter when their foliage dies and is left standing.
– They’re favorites of butterflies and useful bees.
– The tall types are outstanding for cutting and drying.
– The characteristic dark purple foliage will take on a lighter coloration when plants are produced at lower light levels.
– During midsummer, large, broccoli-like flower heads form, containing numerous flower buds.
– By late summer, the flower buds swell and begin to show a pink coloration. As the buds open, the color intensifies, revealing an impressive color display of bright pink, 8-inch flower clusters.

Planting Conditions for Sedum : Black jack

– Plant in full sun to part sun with other Sedum or Salvia.
– Prune in spring when new growth appears; divide plants every three or four years.
– Sweet or Sour Soil ?:
Acidic Soil (pH < 7.0) Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0) Alkaline Soil (pH > 7.0)
– This good-natured, easy-to-grow plant is very drought-tolerant and deer-resistant.
– For the best performance, plant ‘Black Jack’ in a well-drained media, preferably a nursery-type (bark-based) mix rather than traditional greenhouse (peat-vermiculite) media.
– Black Jack is a light to moderate feeder.
– Black Jack requires a below-average amount of irrigation.

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