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January 2009
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Garden design kit

When you look at different gardens, there is always the feeling you get in some gardens that these are well-designed, that all the plants are growing optimally in terms of location; and in other gardens, there is the feeling that these are planted haphazardly, and a better job could have been done in organizing the garden. But, most people don’t have the expertise to do that, and getting an expert to do your garden can be very expensive. Well, here’s a Do It Yourself Kit that will help you arrange your garden in a much better way: Link.
The site lets you create a whole garden plan that can give you the feeling of a professional plan. Steps include the actual download of some symbols and graph paper from the site, translating the scale of your garden onto the graph paper, depiction of current stationary items onto the graph that cannot be removed, play around with the design to get what you wanted.
Doing such a plan makes you think in detail about what exactly you want, and this kind of thinking is actually half the work done.

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