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October 2008
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Growing vines in your garden

Adding some white vines to your garden adds a lot of value, and adds a lot of variety. Some of the benefits that vines bring to your garden include:
1. Vines cover the space between fences and grills and bring a sense of privacy to your garden
2. Vines bring a good green effect to the boundaries of a garden, when grown on the edges
3. A flowering vine makes the place seem much more full of flowers and colors
4. Vines can cover an area that is otherwise dull and ugly, or where vegetation finds it difficult to take hold
5. Vines, when grown carefully and allowed to cover the upper part of a garden, bring a sense of a live roof to your garden (you can use them over wooden slats that cover potions of a garden). In times when the sun is harsh, a vine covered roof brings some shade to plants underneath
6. A vine can take a very small root space on the ground, but otherwise reach a much larger footprint over the ground
7. Mixing different types of vines ensures that the garden is always full of flowers; thus making the garden look better and attracting the butterflies and bees to your garden

There must be many more advantages, so if you can suggest more, please let me know.

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