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July 2008
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Vegetables that can grow in 5 gallon buckets

Growing vegetables in 5 gallon buckets is a good option for people who have constraints or do not have space for a regular kitchen garden. A whole lot of items can be grown in 5 gallon containers (or other sized containers) similar to growing in a kitchen garden easily. So, for example, the following are a sample of the vegetables that can be grown in containers:
– Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers will readily adapt to growing in containers.

What is the process you should use:
– Stab a dozen holes in the bottom of your five-gallon bucket with a nail or screwdriver, then pour in a couple of inches of mulch in the bottom; mulch will help keep the water drained properly and prevent rot.
– Fill up the rest of the bucket with potting soil, leaving a two- to four-inch space at the top.
– Since the roots of the plants will be confined, be sure to water the plants as often as necessary to keep the soil from drying out.
– Get yourself a sturdy stake and embed it into the soil at a good enough depth that it will be able to hold up the weight of a fruit-laden plant. If necessary, set up small wire frames to provide support.
– They also sell “tomato cages,” which replace the stake with a metal mesh that fits in the top of the bucket and rises up into a cone, given the tomato plant more room to vine.
– Sprinkle a layer of mulch over the top of the exposed soil.
– If you’re growing indoors, select vegetables better suited for modest sunlight.
– Keep an eye on them for diseases and other such problems, including pests (although if you have pests inside your house, then you have bigger problems)
– If growing tomatos, choose determinate-type tomato plants rather than indeterminate ones. Determinate tomatoes will reach 3 to 5 feet high, where indeterminates will continue putting on new growth all summer.

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