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July 2008
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Spacing for plants: External article

Most articles that you about how to plant specific plants do not fail to mention as to what should be the spacing between plants. The spacing between plants is important as it helps in deciding the overall growth of the plants; too little space and they end up competing for the same nutrients, for soil, […]

Organic weed removal

Got this information from another group via email, so don’t know what the source of this information is:

Organic Landscaping in Planting Beds “Weed control without chemicals” may conjure up unpleasant thoughts of getting down on your hands and knees in the yard on a hot day and pulling out stubborn weeds by hand. But […]

Quick note about celery

CELERY Celery is often referred to as a vegetable, but it is actually a herb. It is a biennial plant, growing well in moist soil in a sunny position.

Growing conditions: Thin your plants out by transplanting them, and water well every 3 days and pile compost and sand around the plants base. The seeds […]

Growing tomatoes in your garden

The previous article was about growing tomatoes in containers. But suppose you have the space to grow tomatoes in soil, and want to figure out what all you need to do to get a healthy output. There is plenty of information that would help you in this process; after all, you need to know about […]