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May 2008
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Shipping Live Plants – Read more at this article

If you are an avid gardener, then you would really be wanting to expand the variety of your garden. As a part of that, exchanging plants with other people is an essential and cheap way to expand your collection (rather than actually buying seeds or plants). One important aspect of this is to learn how to ship plants such that they can survive the journey. You would also need this ability if you are changing your home address. Here is a site that shows you how to do this in a simple and inexpensive way:

If you have your own boxes, use a sturdy cardboard box, never anything like a cereal box, it’s not strong enough. Keep in mind that the “Priority Mail” boxes often times weigh less than other boxes of the same size you may get from another source, and every ounce counts.
Do NOT mark the box “fragile” or give any other type of indication that special care is needed. It’s sad to say but it will call attention to your box and someone may damage it just because it says something like that.
It’s best if you can have tags ready to put in the ground for the person receiving the plants along with something like “full sun” or “partial shade” etc. The most economical method is to use window blinds, cut them up to desired length, people often throw out or offer free at garage sales, double the supply by cutting them in half lengthwise. Use a paint pen to write on the tag.
Be as gentle with the root system as possible. If possible, water them well 4-6 hours before you’re going to dig. When you dig, do so a few inches a way from the main stem so you aren’t cutting the roots up.

Bookmark this article, and read it thoroughly. It is a well illustrated article, with plenty of photos, a Do it Yourself kind of post.

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