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May 2008
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Using pepper for organic pesticide

Traditional pesticides are based on chemicals, and over the years, it has been realized that the usage of these chemical-laden pesticides have caused harm to humans and to animals. For example, the banned pesticide DDT has been found almost all over the world, and nowhere is the presence beneficial in any way. Towards this end, there has been an increasing movement towards using organic pesticides, stuff that is not full of chemicals. Also, on a commercial note, as people find that organic farming is getting a premium and commands a good commercial value, there will be an increasing swing towards exploring natural means of pest control and management. Here is one study that evaluates the use of pepper for this purpose:

Research is needed to provide alternative pesticides with minimal impact on human health and the environment. Farmers around the world have long used plant extracts to protect food and fiber from insects and mites. Peppers have shown particular promise as a source of botanical pesticides:
* Powdered chili pepper deters the onion fly, Delia antiqua, from laying eggs.
* A chemical from from hot peppers reduces growth of the spiny bollworm, Earias insulana and may repel cotton pests.

It always make sense to study new methods of organic techniques; and this could be one of them.

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