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March 2008
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Amaryllis Pasadena / Hippeastrum

Commonly known as amaryllis, Hippeastrum are popular flowering houseplants, often given as Christmas gifts. ‘Pasadena’ is an eye-catching variety with scarlet red blooms that have white flashes on each petal. Amaryllis were originally discovered in South Africa and South America. The South American plants hail from the Andes Mountains of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia as […]

How to Grow Beautiful Healthy Roses

How to Grow Beautiful Healthy Roses

Roses are a favorite flower for most people. Not only do they look beautiful in a vase with some greenery, but they’re perfect for drying and using in a dried flower arrangement or potpourri. And since roses come in such a wide variety of colors and types, you can […]

How to set the layout of a kitchen garden

Now that you have hopefully identified a place to setup a kitchen garden, you need to next figure out how to setup your kitchen garden in terms of layout. You need to setup the layout in such a way that it makes sense ergonomically, costs you minimum effort later. Maintaining a kitchen garden in terms […]

How to improve the soil

To grow a nice green garden, with nice and healthy fruits and vegetables, you need have to a good soil. Now it is not necessary that the soil in your garden is good from the beginning, but with some effort and technique, soil can be made to be teeming with nutrients and full of the […]