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March 2008
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Tools for use in a kitchen garden

Now that you are thinking about having a kitchen garden, you need to also know which tools to have. After all, you can do a lot of work with your hands, but not all, and there are many things that are just faster accomplished with the use of proper tools. So here goes:

Clippers: These are used for cutting off stems and thick vines, and should be ergonomically designed if you want to use them properly for long use.

Shovel: No better way to dig into soil, and turn it over or just dig a hole to plant some plants in deeply. Should have a good solid wooden handle, and the connection between metal and wood should be tight.

Leather gloves: Essential for protecting hands against scrapes or thorns. Cotton or latex are not so useful, and need to be replaced regularly.

Hand Trowel: For digging in closed spaces or pots easier. The handle should fit comfortably to the contours of the hand for most effective handling.

Three-pronged cultivator: Make sure that the one you buy fits comfortably onto the hand and you have an easy grip while using it.

Rake: Try and get a metal one, it lasts longer.

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