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March 2008
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Tip: Use of soaker hoses

Q. Do you run the risk of club root with soaker hoses?

Ans: Soaker hoses are made from recycled tires and are quite safe for organic used as they leave no residue of of any kind. There are many people who have used them for many years without a problem; in addition you can also use a black plastic fabric mulch to block weeds, as well as keep in moisture for the soil. If you have a big garden and are planning to use them everywhere, one way is to take them to the different areas of the garden by short lenghts of regular garden hose and plastic two way valves, which allow controlling and fine tuning the amont of water each will drip to each area. One of the users does this: Every year, I set these hoses down before the plants or seeds go in. I event have an under ground hose that carries the garden water out further to my garden, and has in ground fittings nearby my faucet and at the opposite end of the gardent where there is another faucet where the soakers are connected to. This removes the unsighly garden hoses running across my lawn.

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