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March 2008
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Terrace Garden for flowers

Previous posts were more about having a kitchen garden where you are living on the ground level such that you have land available in which to grow the fruits, shrubs and flowers. What about those people who live on a higher floor and who don’t have the luxury to grow on a patch of soil. Well, they can also grow some beautiful plants and flowers, but they don’t have the luxury to grow as many things. Growth needs to happen in pots containing soil rather than in the ground.
Some things that can be done to make a terrace garden look beautiful:
– Grow tall bushy plants, many of them can be real beautiful such as poinsettias, brunfelsia, and australis
– You can also try making a collection of ferns and ivy to give a good look to the place
– If the pots are decorated and beautiful, it gives an overall good feel
– The floor needs to be made of a substance such as vitrified tiles if you want to setup a grass on the floor
– Use plants that survive througout the year and make sure that they get plenty of air
– Your terrace garden should have the floor with proper waterproofing and a proper drainage system
The choice of plants and flowers depend on the weather, and the location, so consult a local nursery before buying something specialized, otherwise you will be slaving love and affection on a plant that is bound to fail.
Good luck, a good terrace garden is a pleasure to have

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