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March 2008
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How to set the layout of a kitchen garden

Now that you have hopefully identified a place to setup a kitchen garden, you need to next figure out how to setup your kitchen garden in terms of layout. You need to setup the layout in such a way that it makes sense ergonomically, costs you minimum effort later. Maintaining a kitchen garden in terms of herbs, fruits and vegetables can take a considerable amount of effort on an ongoing basis, so you need to setup things right.
If you have a rectangular plot, you can set it into 4 or 6 rectangular plots. This will enable an orderly setting up of the plots, and you can rotate the crops as well. Rotating the crops ensures that the soil retains its nutrients, and minimizes the chances of disease hitting the crops.
Ensure the paths between the beds are wide enough to take a wheelbarrow, and have a hard surface – paving slabs will stop your feet getting too muddy. You should ensure that a single bed is not too wide, not more than around 1.25 metres wide so that you can weed the bed, and water it without getting your feet city.
If you don’t have a water source nearby, you should setup a water source close by. When it is hot, it will seem very difficult to carry water to a distance, so setting up a water source (a tap) next to the beds is a very good idea.

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