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March 2008
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How to improve the soil

To grow a nice green garden, with nice and healthy fruits and vegetables, you need have to a good soil. Now it is not necessary that the soil in your garden is good from the beginning, but with some effort and technique, soil can be made to be teeming with nutrients and full of the good stuff. How can you do this ?
The key is to realize that it’s not something incredibly difficult. There is such a lot of connection between nutrients, insects, compost, that it is easy to make sure that your soil is full of nutrients and not a hard dead soil. But if you hate bugs or messy things, then it will be real difficult. If you hate earthworms, then you gotta change and start loving them.
What are some of the ways in which you can do this?
1. Add compost, leaf mold, manure, or whatever organic matter you have access to. When we say organic, it means specifically that you do not add any form of plastic, or metal. Instead, useleaves that have fallen down, rinds from the kitchen after cutting of vegetables and fruits, etc. As these decompose in the soil, the soil will become darker and more crumbly. There will be a lot more nutrients that will be present in the soil.
2. You need to love the earthworms that will start to make an appearance in the soil. They will start to make the soil much more porous, and add a lot more organic content and nutrients to the soil.
3. Don’t tamper too much with bugs. Most bugs in a kitchen garden are essential. They convert organic matter into nutrients, pollinate plants, act as a feed for birds, and eat other bugs. Unless you are sure, don’t assume that a bug will harm your plant, only when you are sure, then get rid of the bug (and don’t spray a lot of pesticide, instead try and get some organic pesticide that attacks the specifc bug)

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