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March 2008
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Create Window Box

If you don’t have that much space to create an actual kitchen garden in the soil, then another way is to create a window box. What is a window box ? It’s a small box just next to the window, but above ground level. Such a small box may seem strange, after all, what can you grow in such a small space, but you would be surprised. You can actually grow a herb garden in such a space, and plant edible flowers in these boxes such as nasturtiums and French marigolds. The advantage of such garden boxes is that they look decorative, beautiful and provide a nice fragrance. And of course, you don’t need much of these herbs for your own needs.
Some tips for making these window boxes:
Set the box in such a way that it gets atleast 6-7 hours of sun every day as these herbs need at least that much sun.
These window boxes need to be conveniently placed so that you can easily water them, take care of them and harvest the growth. If not conveniently placed, there will be a lot of inertia in taking proper care of them.
Make sure that these boxes have proper drainage holes, and cover the holes with a filter to ensure that soil does not flow out with the water.
Select the plants with care, and most important, that they are edible. Would not do to get a poisonous variety.
The variety you should get should be growable in the climate that you have.
Don’t use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides; you should be easily be able to get the ones for use with herbs.
Check for insects regularly, and deal with them promptly by using an organic insecticide.Create Window Box

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