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March 2008
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A great book for pest control organically

If you are trying to grow plants organically, then you would know that using chemicals for pest contol is not permitted. However, you will learn that nature has given a vast arsenal of measures to prevent pests from infecting your plants. However, learning how to control pests the organic way takes a lot of time (because you learn to plant and cultivate in such a way as to mitigate them and find an equilibrium with your local environment), and it is good to refer to a book that teaches this in detail.
This book is hardbound and is filled with color photos and scads of great info on how to deal with all kinds of pest and ailments and without Chemicals. It has entries for common fruits, flowering plants, vegetables, and trees. Each listing has information on disease and pest problems and tips on how to solve them without chemicals. Especially useful sections feature photos of garden insects and diseases.

This is a very acclaimed book. From some of the reviews of this book:
Detailed descriptions and photographs combine to make this book essential for every organic (or conscientious) gardener/farmer to own and keep handy.
This is so far the best book about pests and diseases. Easy to read, great ! photos which really help to identify a pest and good structure make this book a winner.
Yes, it was chosen as a Best Gardening Book and I can see why. It is a must have for people who are into gardening without toxic chemicals.
This book is an excellent reference source for identifying, managing and preventing pests and problems the natural way.

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