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February 2008
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Hyacinths – Carnegie

Hyacinths are one of the “big three” bulbs in gardening interest (the others being tulips and daffodils) and these extremely fragrant spring flowering bulbs are worthy of a place in your bulb garden. Carnegie is a pure white hyacinth with a deep penetrating fragrance. Reblooms for several years. As an aside, the name comes from […]

Growing peas

Pea is a frost-hardy, cool-season vegetable that can be grown throughout most of the United States, wherever a cool season of sufficient duration exists. For gardening purposes, peas may be classified as garden peas (English peas), snap peas and snow peas (sugar peas). Garden pea varieties have smooth or wrinkled seeds. The smooth-seeded varieties tend […]

Aconitum / Monkshood

Aconitum (A-co-ní-tum), known as aconite, monkshood, or wolfsbane, is a genus of flowering plant belonging to the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). There are over 250species of Aconitum. These herbaceous perennial plants are chiefly natives of the mountainous parts of the northern hemisphere, growing in moisture retentive but well draining soils on mountain meadows. Their dark green […]

Variegated Arundo Donax

‘Variegata’ is a more controlled and illuminating form of Giant Reed Grass, serving as a strong focal point in the landscape. This Giant Reed Grass has creamy yellow/white variegated foliage, but does not grow quite as large as the species. The same great impressive flowers and winter interest as species, just a different color. A […]