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January 2008
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Clematis montana ‘Elizabeth’

The Greek translation of the word Clematis refers to the vine like characteristics of these climbers. Montana Clematis varieties are probably the easiest to grow, very prolific blooming and some of the most vigorous growers. Best for zone 5 and south. All varieties bloom May and June.
Clematis montana ‘Elizabeth’ is a vigorous, deciduous climber and belongs to AHS group. This vigorous, deciduous Clematis has mid green leaves and strongly fragrant, pale pink flowers. The flowers are produced in late spring and early summer and grow on the previous year’s wood. It is the leaf stalks of Clematis montana ‘Elizabeth’ that twine around the support. Elizabeth has vanilla-scented pale pink flowers in abundance in spring with some repeats in late summer. Rich dark foliage compliments the flowers and looks great all summer.
Montana ‘Elizabeth’ is very hardy and is highly suitable for sites which are cold and exposed. Hardy to about -10 degrees F. Needs sun to Partial Shade. Average Water Needs, so water regularly; do not overwater.
Plant deeply to avoid clematis wilt and if wilt occurs cut down to base and plant will shoot again the following season. Feed with bonemeal before and after flowering season, water copiously when in flower. Established plants can benefit from fertilization.
Take stem cuttings 100 to 125mm(4″-5″) long of half ripened wood in July ensure that there are two buds at the base. lnsert in a mixture of peat and sand (equal parts by volume) and place on a hot bed @15-18*C (60-65*F). Pot the rooted cuttings singly into 70mm (3″) pots potting compost. Overwinter in a frost free frame or greenhouse.
In spring pot on into 125mm(5″) pots, and plunge outdoors. Plant out in final quarters from October onwards. Prune after blooming if needed.

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