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January 2008
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Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’

One of the most eye-catching small grasses, forming elegant arching clumps of vividly striped bright gold and lime-green foliage that holds its colour throughout the season. When grown in full sun this cultivar often develops a slight reddish tinge. Superb with hostas and other ornamental grasses liking similar conditions, and outstanding grown on its own in a striking container. As a container plant, it can add a lot of charm to any pot when it cascades over the sides like a waterfall.
Fine-textured, bright golden 18″ blades, variegated with deep green, gracefully arch toward the light. Particularly useful as an edger where it can cascade into a path. Provides excellent contrast for blue-leaved hostas. Prefers a moist shady spot where it forms very slowly spreading stoloniferous clumps. Recent introduction from Japan, which masquerades under several Latin names.
This grass has many uses: as a groundcover, to edge a pathway, cascading down a bank like a golden waterfall or setting off shrubs or other perennials. It is sensational in a container. In late summer, Japanese forest grass produces airy seedheads that dance above its foliage. As fall temperatures cool, the foliage takes on pink tints, finally turning butterscotch before collapsing in winter.
It is most at home in USDA cold hardiness zones 5-9. It dies back to the ground in winter. Even though it hides out during the cold months, this grass is perfect for many areas in the garden, from sunny spots to cool shade.
Plant Japanese forest grass in fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil part shade or full sun. Provide supplemental water during summer dry spells. Cut the old leaves down in early December otherwise they become mushy and harder to snip. Cut old stems to the ground in late winter to early spring.

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