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January 2008
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Brunnera macrophylla / Largeleaf brunnera / Siberian bugloss

Brunnera, or Siberian Bugloss, are from western Siberia. These plants are perennial forget-me-nots, named in honor of Swiss botanist Samuel Brunner. Some catalogs still call this species Anchusa myosotidiflora, its previous name. Showy blue flowers about 1/4-inch across bloom in clusters during spring. The leaves are large and heart-shaped on slightly hairy stems. Valued for its airy, beautiful true-blue flowers over heart-shaped foliage. Plants can reach 2 feet in height but usually grow about 18 inches tall. Where summers are cool, leaves grow larger.
Brunnera is an ideal plant to choose if you’re looking for something a little more unusual for the spring garden. Throughout April and May, ‘Jack Frost’ is covered with lots of small, bright blue flowers which look rather like forget-me-nots. These are complemented by the beautiful heart-shaped foliage which is a pale silver-grey with pronounced dark green veins. It looks particularly striking planted in drifts in the woodland garden.
Largeleaf brunnera will grow best in partial shade in moist, well-drained, organic-rich soil. In southern zones, dense shade and moist soils are necessary while in northern zones, it will grow well with morning sun. They will, however, do reasonably well in a dry spot if they have shade. Generally this plant requires little care.
Divide plants when the center of the clump starts to deteriorate. Propagated through seed, root cuttings or division. Readily self sows once established. No serious insect or disease problems.

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